Certificate in Advanced Holistic Counselling Therapy

Certificate in Advanced Holistic Counselling Therapy


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Pre-requisite: Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy Course OR Meditation Teacher and Holistic Counseling Skills Course
4 modules (80 Hours)

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Offer a wider variety of services.
Provide a deeper level of service.
Reach a wider audience.
Increase your client base.
Re-ignite your passion.
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This course delves deeper into the practicalities of holistic counseling therapy. You will study communication skills (verbal and nonverbal), building counselor/client relationships, relationship counseling, the holistic counseling process, mental and emotional wellbeing, counseling parents, counseling teenagers, and releasing past trauma. This course also looks at the important ethical aspects of holistic counseling and will guide you in developing a completely professional practice.

Course Content
• Introduction to Advanced Holistic Counselling
● Seeing Clients – Individual and Group Therapy
● Humanistic Psychology
● Emotions and Counselling
● Relationship Counselling and Counselling for Couples
● Counselling Young Adults
● Trauma Counselling
● Counselling Clients with Depression
● Mediating
● Running Group Counselling and Therapy Sessions
● Fight or Flight and the Relaxation Response Review
● Powerful Tools for Holistic Counselling
● Creative Expression Therapy

Required Reading:
The Games People Play by Eric Berne PhD

Students receive a certificate for each course completed, and certain courses lead to new qualification levels.