Senior Citizen Art Program

Senior Citizen Art Program

Creativity does not age, it only gets more experienced!

We are extending our Art Programme to the Senior Citizens of our community
to make them a part of this wonderful experience of expression through art!

We believe that Art in any form can be therapeutic and meditative. For the
elderly, it improves mental health, enhances cogitive function and thinking skills,
and most definitely strengthens motor skills like muscle coordination.

There is also an additio

Week 1: Drawing Daze – Dot Painting
Week 2: Yantras – Meditative Mandala Art
Week 3: Colours of the wind – Intuitive Abstract Art on Canvas
Week 4: Colour Me Happy – Palette Knife Painting
Week 5: Say it with Flowers – Serene Floral Painting
Week 6: Stroke Focus – Pencil Sketching Meditation Art can provide
numerous benefits to senior citizens, both physically and mentally.

This program can help you with:
1. Reduce stress and anxiety
2. Enhances cognitive function by engaging art activities that can stimulate the
brain, improve memory and motor skills and also enhance problem solving skills.
3. Promotes minfulness by helping them become more present in the moment.
4. Encourages self-expression in a non-verbal way
5. Provides a sense of accomplishment and improving confidence

Facilitated by
Amrita Bhatia