Sacred Geometry the Unseen Layers

Al geometric patterns are based on a circle,
the circle symbolizes unity and diversity in nature.

Who is this for:
This course is dedicated to artists, designers, architects, and engineers
who are passionate to learn about the right application of the geometric patterns
in interior spaces a n d architecture buildings as per the principles.

How can it be applied:
Understanding the rules, the layers, and the way they are tessellated allow us
to apply correctly the geometric patterns on surfaces.

Structure of the course:
This course is a non-figurative course dedicated to draw geometric patterns
using a compass and a ruler hand drawing is an engaging and satisfying
escape from the world of technology.

Outcome of the course:
The application of the geometric patterns in interior spaces is a process
that requires an intensive study of the design. Upon completion of this course,
participants will be able to apply the patterns into interior design spaces and
architectural buildings.

This includes carpets, ceilings, wall claddings, mashrabiyas, partitions,
tiles, furniture, products, building elevations and facades, etc.

Booking is essential to secure your place, places are limited.
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Facilitated by
Chadi El Tabbah