Shoug Alsayegh

Shoug’s one true love is people.Over the course of her life Shoug has continuously found herself on the path of development, healing, and teaching. Growing up in a close-knit community that continues to grow in the heart of Dubai and the endless exposure that she has encountered as the city welcomed the world has proven time and again how much she believes in the shared human experience.As she continues her exploration of the human experience, it became apparent that sometimes pain, anxiety and trauma brings forth immense development and enlightenment. Therefore, after graduating with a bachelor degree in fine arts and visual communication, she found that her true calling was leading her to furthering her education in teaching. She graduated with a master’s degree in Education shortly after and has been teaching since early 2019.As she and the world faced the exponential challenges in early 2020, Shoug’s career in education took a much needed detour into the Holistic industry. Day in and day out she expanded her knowledge in the holistic approach to healing and became a certified IMTTA Holistic Counselor by completing the Meditation Teaching & Holistic Counseling Skills for Meditation Teachers Certificate in 2021. Later, with her passion for the arts she pursued the Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapies diploma, and became part of The Holistic Academy’s family of teachers and guides in 2021.Today, Shoug has graduated two batches of aspiring healers and teachers and continues to promote the beauty of knowledge, education, healing and growth in an ever-developing fast-paced, stressed world.She looks forward to being part of the growth journey of everyone that crosses her path whether they’re looking to feel more empowered, reduce stress, become more connected, or reach their goals.People are magic, they are incredibly complex, and immensely powerful when they begin to take control of their own lives.