Ciara Clancy

Ciara, an educator with a passion for holistic wellness, has dedicated the last six years to teaching in the vibrant city of Dubai. Armed with a Master’s in the Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health, Ciara delves deeply into understanding the intricate workings of the mind.

Her journey into holistic healing and counselling led her to pursue specialized courses with The Holistic Academy. Ciara completed the Meditation Teaching and Holistic Counselling Skills courses and is currently immersing herself in the Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy program, expanding her expertise in healing through creative modalities.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Ciara is a certified Sound Healing Practitioner, harnessing the power of sound vibrations for therapeutic purposes. Her multifaceted approach combines the principles of psychology, neuroscience, meditation, and creative arts to foster holistic well-being.

Ciara’s dedication to understanding the complexities of mental health and her holistic training allows her to offer unique insights and compassionate guidance to those seeking balance and healing. Through her practice, she aims to create a harmonious space where individuals can explore their inner selves, finding solace and restoration through holistic methodologies.

With a heart for teaching and a commitment to holistic wellness, Ciara endeavours to share her knowledge and facilitate transformative experiences for those on their journey to wellness and self-discovery.