Amrita Bhatia

My journey with art has been deeply personal, one of exploration and self-discovery. I believe we are all artists, each on our “artist’s journey” – whether we realize it or not. 

As a person, I have always been hyper-aware of my surroundings. What began as a hobby, my work has evolved artistically and reflects my interpretations of emotions and the world around me. I try to create playful portraits, bouncing between real life and the one I imagine. My art pieces are recreated forms of nature, especially water and sunlight. Some of my work speaks of courage and aspirations, while in others you are likely to find a pathway to a mystical world. 

Ever since my teenage years, I have been quite passionate about the power of art to heal and transform, both on an individual as well as community level. I believe that everyone has the capacity for creativity and self-expression, and it has been an endeavor to encourage people around me to follow their instincts and let go of inhibitions to create something from within.

In following this path, what came naturally as a next step, was to formally pursue the training for the role of an art facilitator. I have always wanted to use art making as a transformative tool to help people explore their emotions, manage stress and anxiety, and work through past traumas and this platform gives me the opportunity to follow this belief. 

As a Holistic Integrated and Creative Arts Therapist, I am committed to spreading awareness about the benefits of art therapy for mental health and well-being, for both children and adults and using my knowledge of various tools to help clients access their subconscious thoughts and feelings, process difficult emotions, gain insights into their lives and unlock their full potential.