FREE Holistic Business MeetUp

FREE Holistic Business MeetUp


June 27


7:00 PM


Join the Holistic Industry Practitioners Business MeetUp’s every month!

Building a community of Holistic practitioners in the UAE & Discuss the challenges faced while practicing and find solutions together

At The Holistic Academy, we believe in the power of collaboration, learning, and growth within the holistic practitioner community. This meetup aims to bring together like-minded individuals, passionate about holistic practices and the wellness industry. Whether you are an established holistic practitioner or just starting your journey, this event promises to offer valuable insights and networking opportunities.

The Holistic Academy welcomes Holistic industry practitioners from All over the UAE to attend one of a kind and first-ever business meetup in Dubai. The holistic Industry is considered new in the UAE and this is one of the reasons that many practitioners find it hard to make their way. We, being an Academy, took the lead to create our own community where we can grow together. We are advocates of collaboration and not competition.

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