Certificate in Prenatal Meditation

Certificate in Prenatal Meditation


Enrollment Open


Pre-requisite: Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy Course OR Meditation Teacher and Holistic Counseling Skills Course
4 modules (80 Hours)

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Prenatal meditation and the use of meditation during childbirth contribute significantly to a more peaceful, faster, and less painful birthing experience. It also helps to create a calmer, happier baby and a more confident, relaxed mother. This is a wonderful and rewarding field to teach meditation in and the program you will learn to facilitate can be offered as a two-day workshop or adapted for a weekly class structure.

Module One
• Introduction to Prenatal Meditation
• Pregnancy
• Birth
• What women learn about childbirth
• Birth and pain
•The Fight and Flight Response

Module Two
• Full body relaxation exercise
• The tools we teach
• Your class plan

Module Three
• Running your classes and workshops
• Teaching methods
• Creating appropriate meditations

Module Four
• Your target audience
• Choosing venues
• Marketing plans
• Creating promotional material
• Good housekeeping

Students receive a certificate for each course completed, and certain courses lead to new qualification levels.