Certificate in Meditation Therapy for Weight Management

Certificate in Meditation Therapy for Weight Management


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Pre-requisite: Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy Course OR Meditation Teacher and Holistic Counseling Skills Course
4 modules (80 Hours)

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This course will assist you in developing a good understanding of the causes underlying weight problems, eating disorders, and obesity; the physical and emotional impact these conditions have on people’s health and quality of life, and teach you how to facilitate workshops that assist people in accomplishing a healthy body weight, developing and maintaining healthy lifestyles, healthier mindsets, and a more positive self-image. You will also be able to assist people in adopting healthy eating habits, basic exercise programs, and meditation routines and guide them towards developing positive thinking skills.

Your clients and students will be exposed to a new understanding of why they have weight issues and will be inspired to apply new, practical, and achievable ideas. They will have the resources and support they need to overcome the root causes of their weight issues and move forward into a healthier and happier future.

Module One
• Your holistic weight management practice
• What are weight issues?
• Cortisol – the stress hormone
• Obesity in society
• Health risks associated with weight issues
• Conventional attitudes towards weight management

Module Two
• Eating disorders
• How stress affects weight
• Typical emotional issues behind weight problems
• How meditation can assist in managing body weight

Module Three
• Tools for creating and maintaining healthy lifestyles
• Diet and exercise
• Creating positive self-image
• Tools and programs
• Becoming the expert

Module Four
• Meditations for healthy body image and ideal body weight
• Understanding your weight management students and clients
• How to market your weight management services and attract clients to your business
• Responsibilities and legal bits

Students receive a certificate for each course completed, and certain courses lead to new qualification levels.